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Bubble Wrap                       Nothing Protects Better Then The Original...

Bubble Wrap  Sealed-Air BRAND Bubble Wrap
Available in small bubbles 3/16" and large bubbles 1/2"

Converted in web form by IRAPAK (dust FREE)
  • Bubble Wrap is an excellent protection for wrapping fragile items such as glassware or china it can also be used as void fill in boxes. Helps prevent most shipping damage, absorbs shock to keep your fragile items safe and light weight also reduces shipping costs.
  • When using Bubble Wrap as a cushioning material, make sure to use enough wrap so that all sides and corners are filled to eliminate movement of the packaged item when you shake the box.
  • Smaller bubbles have greater strength to resist popping. Larger bubbles offer softer padding.
  • Use 3/16" Bubble for cushioning of light weight items and for surface protection. Use 1/2" Bubble for cushioning of medium to heavy weight items and for void fill.
  • If a heavy weight is left sitting on bubble wrap for a long period of time, the bubbles will slowly go flat. Bubble Wrap doesn't work well for long term storage.
  Bubble Wrap Dimensions
  • Bubble Wrap is used to insulate greenhouse windows in the winter, but it also works fine for windows in the house. Using Bubble Wrap will cut down on running the heater in the winter and in the hot summer, it helps to save money. You can save Bubble Wrap and use it for several years. It does not leave a mess or stains on the window glass.
Bubble Wrap 3/16"
(Small Bubble)
12" x 50' $6.50 Yes
12" x 100' $11.00
12" x 150' $15.00
24" x 50' $11.00
24" x 100' $20.00
24" x 150' $30.00
48" x 50' $20.00

Master rolls (industrial use)
48" x 750' call
Bubble Wrap 5/16"
(Large Bubble)
24" x 25' $8.40 No
24" x 50' $14.60
48" x 25' $14.60
48" x 50' $28.00

Master rolls (industrial use)
48" x 375' call
What is dust FREE bubble wrap? Answer: Unlike other manufacturers and converters using saw to cut through the entire roll leaving saw dust, not very pleasant to use certainly not healthy, Irapak slits the bubble in web form, what it means is the bubble is un-wound and re-wound using slitting knifes leaving no residues.