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Corner and Edge Protectors

Corner Protectors     Picture Frame CornersPicture Corners Small Corner Protectors

Small 4"x4"
Fits frames, table etc. up to 1" thick
Reg. Price $0.25/each
Sale Price $0.20/each

Large 5"x5"
Fits frames, table ect. 1" - 2" thick
Reg. Price $0.35/each
Sale Price $0.30/each
Edge Board Protetors  Edgeboard Protectors Heavy DutyCorrugater Edge Protectors Corner & Edge Protectors

Corrugated board is an excellent choice for protecting furniture edges & corners and low cost alternative to moving blanket
Size: 3" x 3" x 62" (ect32)
Reg. Price $1.50/each
Sale Price $1.20/each or $9.99/10

Edgeboard 2" x 2" x 48" x .125" thickness
For use in protecting edges on furniture and appliances or re-enforcements for boxes, pallets ect.
Reg. Price $1.50/each
Sale Price $1.20/each or $9.99/10