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Foam Rolls, Sheets and Pouches

Polyethylene foam provides excellent cushioning and surface protection for breakable items for shipping moving or long-term storage
Foam Rolls and Sheets
Polyethylene Foam Rolls  Foam Sheets 

12" x 120' (1/16" thickness)
Perforated every 12"

30" x 1250' (1/16" thickness)
Master roll, no perforation
(call for pricing and availability)

Foam Pouches
Foam Poushes for Glasses 
Glass Pack
Pouch size: 7"x12"
12 pouches/pack
Foam Pouches for Plates

Plate Pack
Pouch size: 12"x12"
12 pouches/pack

Foam Pouches for Dishware
Dish Pack
Pouch size: 12"x12" 6 pcs
Pouch size: 9"x9" 6 pcs
Pouch size: 7"x7" 12 pcs
24 pouches/pack