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Moving Dollies / Door Jamb Protectors

Shoulder Dolly
shoulder dolly straps   Genuine Shoulder Dolly
Shoulder Dolly

The Shoulder Dolly makes furniture or appliances lifting easier. Designed to maintain ergonomic upright positions while moving heavy objects, the patented lifting system uses the strength of your legs and shoulders to lift and move the objects - minimizing the strain and risk of injury to your back, hands, and arms. The harness allows the use of a free hand to open a door, grab a handrail, or balance the object you are moving. Built with heavy-duty materials, the ShoulderDolly can lift up to 800 lbs
Price $59.00/each

Moving Dolly
Furniture Dolly (4-wheel Carpeted)

Professional furniture moving dolly fully covered with plywood and carpeted with 3" casters
Size: 18”x30”
Capacity: 800lb
Price: 69.99/each

Door Jumb Protector Door Jamb Protector

Padded Door Cover
24" X 69"
Price $36.00/each