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Poly-Mailers vs. Bubble-Mailers: What's Eco-Friendly?

Eco-Friendly Poly Bubble Mailers  Poly mailers or Kraft envelopes are recyclable. Bubble mailers (also known as bubble padded envelopes) they are also recyclable, however, bubble must be separated from the envelope by the consumer, that's because most recyclers don't have such capabilities because of high labor costs. Remember, recycling has to be profitable in order to make it work.

What can you do to make recycling work? Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap first and put it in envelope using Poly or Kraft envelope, all these materials are recyclable as long as they are not attached (laminated) to one another

Poly Mailers     Bubble Wrap

Furniture Poly-Covers vs. Poly-Bags: What Protects Better?

Furniture Poly Bags
Furniture Poly-Covers are made from thin plastic, they are primarily designed to protect furniture from dust and dirt on the surface only

Furniture Poly-Bags are made from much thicker plastic, they are designed to protect furniture during transportation and storage

So if you are moving and you want best protection for your furniture, we recomand Furniture Poly-Bags

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